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Our over 30 year long experience has allowed us to explore almost all the secret of genuine amber, which exceptional beauty we combine with turquoise and other precious and semi-precious stones, set in sterling silver and gold.

Mrs Maria Zawadzka is a part of The International Amber Association.


Our achievements include several awards:

Audience main award during “Ambermart” First award in internet contest “Polish Jewellery Gem” Grand prize during “Ambermart Gallery” First award in “Web Surfer’s Competition” “Ambermart Gallery”.

As an Amber Gems company, we have been present on the global jewelry markets for many years. We participate in jewelry fairs in the USA, China, France, Germany, Italy and of course in Poland.

our products

Our products are made of Baltic amber, often in combination with turquoise, larimal, shell, amethyst and other semi-precious stones, set in sterling silver or gold.

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